The Weltbummelbund and the Metamorphoses of the Crises

Art, Generative Art, Musical Theatre, Perfomance
AI generated, animism, crisiswhatcrisis, loiteringsaints, Performance, performanceart
About This Project
62 min I Performance Workshop I 2023

In this  research project we conducted a workshop with a group of performers, composers and hackers in June 2023 to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons and motivations leading to the current erosion of factuality and the conflicts based on new belief systems which place personal opinion above scientific knowledge. Since this happens both in the digital realm and societies in general, we developed a performance sketch and a material collection of texts, compositions and AI-generated visuals which we would like to expand at a later stage to a full performance with interactive digital and performative elements.

This was the announcement of the workshop presentation:

They appeared everywhere in the Germany of the Weimar Republic, the strange figures who, between war panic and inflation, pandemic and doomsday fantasies, promised meaning and salvation through allegiance. They were called inflation saints and preached liberation from the uncertainties and traumas of post-war German society.

100 years after these spiritual and political gurus roamed the cities, the cybernetic nightingale has set up its summer camp at the Stolpe concrete plant, from where it uses its music machine and an ensemble of strange diversity to channel these crisis saints and their auras and short-circuit them with the present. The results of this sham-religious collision bring the barefoot saints of yesteryear into vibration with the Qanon shamans and the conspiracy swashbucklers of the present: We come first and we will last! Be ready.

By and with:

Angela Aux, Sandra Fink, Larissa Gulitz, Jonas Hummel, Dorothea Piko Koch, Thies Mynther, Jonas Nellisen, Paul J.W. Schauenburg, Veit Sprenger, Annika Stadler, Sandra Trostel, Dong Zhou

Artistic Direction:

Veit Sprenger, Sandra Trostel,Thies Mynther

Workshop Direction:

Thies Mynther, Sandra Trostel


Thies Mynther

Dong Zhou

Paul J.W. Schauenburg

Song Lyrics:

Thies Mynther

Angela Aux

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